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Tires Recycling System

Based on the information you have shared with our clients eCWET team members, eCWET  have created a   customized solution to meet your needs and targets. This proposal will detail the recommended process, the technical features, and the cost related to this solution.

Why is eHaO the perfect partner for your investment?

  • Both recycler and manufacturer, eCWET understands your needs
  • Five recycling lines
  • eCWET has very good years of know-how and expertise
  • Specialist in turnkey projects
  • Lowest operational cost on the market
  • Dedicated workshop that has produced more than 2,000 machines
  • Reliability, robustness and versatility of our machines
  • Performances designed for long terms
  • World leader on cable recycling equipment

 eCWET MA activity on three main areas of expertise

  • Recycling and recovery of non-ferrous metals and complex waste
  • Design and manufacture of recycling machines
  • Design and installation of turnkey recycling plants

 Compact shredders

The BDR 1245 shredders are extremely robust and powerful despite their smaller size. Those machines feature all of the same advanced design as our reinforced larger shredders,but have been purposely built for more modest dimensional work. Those shredders will efficiently reduce a large number of scraps down to sizes between 10 and 100 mm depending on the screen size used. Specially treated alloy steel cutting blades can be turned four times to ensure a sharp cutting edge and long blade wear life. eCWET designs all equipment, works to minimize downtime and to guarantee very low operating costs. This design brings our shredders to be the reference in the market.