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Refineries and Chemical plants

Groundwater Dynamic Skimming

The DYNASKIM solution Technology is an excellent match for the needs of refineries and chemical plants.

Significant players in the industry include:

  • The Petrochemical industry
  • The Basic chemical industry
  • The Fine chemical industry
  • The Pharmaceutical industry
  • SEVESO companies
  • Outdated or emerging businesses
  • Suspended business activities and sites

Environmental Consultants 

The DYNASKIM® solution is an ideal match for the needs of decontamination companies.Significant players in the industry include:

  • Environmental Consultancy and Petrolem Firms
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Experts in impact assessment studies and pollution analyses
  • Scientists in search of the best suited solutions to a given Pollution


eCWET ODS International S.A is proud of its high level engineering and full project manage- ment in remediation issues. eCWET ODS International S.A carries out activities in high risk industrial environments such as the petrochemical industry. Many clients and engineering offices trust eCWET ODS International S.A and the DYNASKIM® solution. These include:

  • Q8, Total and addivat.


eCWET ODS International S.A International has an acute awareness of the risks associated with its activity sector. Within the context of numerous missions, it has implemented a proactive approach for the continuous impro- vement of quality and risk Management. eCWET ODS International S.A. has obtained many certifications inclunding MASE, ATEX, ACHILLES (OVAM) and the Brussel IBGE certification.


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  • Complete solution for the pumping - skimming of the free phase.
  • On site delivery and implementation of the DYNASKIM solution.
  • Optimisation, continuous monitoring of performance and maintenance.
  • Integration within a global solution for site Rehabilitation.


Our exclusive dynamic technology maximizes the performance of skimming and recovers pollutants as fast as allowed by soil permeability. Developed by the Belgian engineering company eCWET ODS International S.A the DYNASKIM solution consists of:

  • 1 DS 500 or DS 100 vacuum pumping unit

  • 1 set of patented skimmers type SKIM 2, SKIM 4 or SKIM+ 1 ST storage unit with a 2500 L capacity or higher

The float built into each skimmer is positioned exactly at the water/hydrocarbon interface.

It follows variations in the aquifer level in real time:


 Dynamic technology for 100% pumping-skimming of the free phase.

  • Continuous monitoring of changes in groundwater up to 2.5 m
  • Very low volume of water to treat.
  • Insensitivity to dirt and very low maintenance.
  • Connecting up to 40 wells per pumping unit.