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Gum Arabic

eCWET approached the Gum Arabic business in 2012 with a serious yet careful strategy. Our well obtained setup and foundation from the best buying agents in growing areas, to the well maintained and spacious processing centres, also blended with our master experience in export means we can deliver the best value for money our customers can get.
Our all new warehouse and laboratory means we can give you the exact true product analysis before we load your cargo.Gum Arabic has many viable uses. Gum arabic is a type of gum that is used in everything from a food stabilizer to inks and textiles.It comes from the hardened sap of the Acacia Senegal and the Acacia Seyal trees.   


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Physicochemical Properties :       

  • Solubility : One gram of Gum Arabic dissolves in 2 ml of water forming a soluation which flows readily and is acid to litmus and it is insouluble in ethanol.
  • Optical Rotation :
    Gum from Acacia Senegal : water solutions are levorotatory.        
    Gum from Acacia seyal: Water solutions are dextrorotatory.
  • Viscosity: 20% aqueous solution will give less than 100 cps, Gum Arabic is not very viscous at such concentration, high viscosity is obtained only at concentration of 4050%.
  •    Loss on drying:                        Not more than 15%.
  •    Total ash:                                 Not more than 4%.
  •    Acid insoluble matter:           Not more than 1%.
  •    Starch or dextrin:                   Passes test.
  •    Microbiological criteria 

Applications and Uses: 

Food industry:      

  • Emulsifier and fixative for flavor oils       
  • Stabilizer in bakery glazes and icings       
  • Binder in confectionery coating       
  • Foam stabilizer       
  • Base for drops       
  • Source of prebiotic fiber      

Cosmetic industry:      

  • Suspending agent in pharmaceutical syrups       
  • Stabilizer agent in mascara-eye liner       
  • Emulsifier for mineral oil emulsion       
  • Thickener and stabilizer in lotion and creams       

Other industrial application:

  • Sensitizer for lithographic plates       
  • Emulsifier and protective colloids       
  • Glaze blinder in ceramics       
  • Film forming agent in specialty of inks       
  • Corrosion inhibiter in storage batteries       
  • Plating aid in certain metal coating operation      

 Grades of Gum Arabic:       

  • Hashab Hand Picked selected (HPS)
  • Hashab Cleaned
  • Hashab Kibbled
  • Hashab Clean Powder
  • Hashab Sifting
  • Hashab Dust
  • Talha Cleaned
  • Talha Sifting
  • Talha Dust